The tender brief for this project indicated a glass sphere to house a planetarium; this resulted in a project that is the first of its kind in Malta. It hosts entertaining and educational shows related to our planet and space, the solar system and the entire universe.

The glass used in this project is a double curvature 10+8mm PVB laminate with low iron float glass, with a light bronze interlayer having an external diameter of 12.8m. The structural system adopted is a vierendeel double layer geodesic dome of 1m depth. The vierendeel system is chosen here to allow for a crawl space for personnel to install and maintain the electrical and lighting systems.


Pillow Space Frame Ltd. is the leading Maltese company that has specialised in the construction of high precision roof structures. Effective design solutions together with quality detailing, manufacture and installation have been the secret of the success of this organisation in its local and overseas operations. The company has a long list of successfully completed projects that range from high-tech space frame structures to long-span industrial buildings. Pillow Space Frame Ltd has, over the past years, invested heavily in the design of aircraft hangar structures and utilising innovative engineering design, has managed to produce efficient structural designs achieving the required structural and operational performance.

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