Pillow Space Frame Ltd., was set up in 1990 by Mr. Martin Pillow and Messrs. Pillow Color Ltd. Following over 25 years in steel and aluminium fabrication, the company management considers itself a pioneer in the field.

Apart from catering for the local market Mr. Pillow often proudly claims that the family manufacturing facilities was the first to export its products to Libya and Saudi Arabia. Pillow Color Ltd., was established in 1984. Its main activities were mainly concerned with glazed aluminium structures and a wide range of specialized products as specified by its clients. Pillow Space Frame Ltd., is engaged in the design, fabrication, finishing and erection of purpose engineered space frame structures for industrial, commercial and amenity.

Throughout its life, the company has gained a proven track record of providing high quality, quickly constructed space frame structures, all engineered to comply with the local structural and climatic conditions. The company can feature single responsibility for the design, manufacture and erection of the roof structure, including adequate structural support, roof decking and rainwater gutters . Pillow Space Frame Ltd., generally provides the services of a site adviser to ensure the correct creation of the steelwork and cladding. Elimination of responsibility gaps in the design and installation of these components ensures sound and efficient practice and faster, more reliable construction programming.

The company has invested extensively in modern computer aided design and detailing and manufacturing techniques to achieve maximum economy and highest quality. It has also devoted substantial investments into a research and development programme which is also aimed towards a better understanding of the manner these complex structures behave and therefore towards a cost effective approach to its design. Each Pillow Space Frame structure is individually designed to suit every client's needs, but by utilizing Pillow tried and tested standard details, the company ensures everything fits together correctly on site. Within the factory at Hal-Far Industrial Estates, Pillow Space Frame Ltd., encompasses all aspects of preparation, fabrication and finishing and is equipped with all the machinery required to ensure fast and precision manufacturing, finishing and creation. In addition the company is also equipped with special hydraulic operated hoisting equipment for on-site single lift of the assembled space frame to position.

In view of the company's history, and its achievements, it can honestly boast that it is the only local company which has dedicated time and effort and achieved the experiences required to back the production and erection of a roof structure which is required for this project.

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