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Pillow Space Frame Ltd., was set up in 1990 by Mr. Martin Pillow and Messrs. Pillow Color Ltd. Following over 25 years in steel and aluminium fabrication, the company management considers itself a pioneer in the field.

Apart from catering for the local market Mr. Pillow often proudly claims that the family manufacturing facilities was the first to export its products to Libya and Saudi Arabia. Pillow Color Ltd., was established in 1984.



Mission Statement

"Pillow Space Frame Limited is committed to specialist design, high precision manufacturing and a quality of service to all its customers. Because we believe that these ingredients are fundamental to successful project management, we adopt these philosophies as essential to all projects."


Design and Management Office

The office of Pillow Space Frame Ltd., is equipped with state of the art hardware and software computer technology. Efficient architectural design and structural design systems are adopted from feasibility stage to structural optimisation to detailing and shop drawing preparation. The company offices engage highly qualified professional staff to manage the design and detailing stage of the project. Unified team-work between the design offices and the manufacturing floor ensures efficient and quality operations.


Manufacturing and Installation

State of the art manufacturing equipment, precision tooling together with highly skilled trained personnel make for quality production of structural and other related elements. Close liason with the design and management office ensures continuous and precision manufacturing, the fundamental secret of the success of the whole organisation.



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